SummerLand Monastery, ATC is a SE Arizona mountain spiritual vegetarian lifestyle located on the very remote WindTree Ranch near Douglas. We use alternative building techniques incorporating about 60% recycled materials. Tough pioneer spirits live in this dedicated healing retreat doing ecological research, sustainable gardening. Our public outreach is the empowerment of minority, disabled youth who are living in poverty: serving them through education, including arts & drama. We "Walk our Talk."

Join us. Please send positive energy for healing economically marginalized native children. Some are also physically, mentally, or emotionally disabled. Visualize us offering horse and water therapy, tutoring, and other classes to indigenous children. 

As bilingual speakers, they will gain additional skills with which create jobs for themselves enabling them to stay in Mexico with their families. Help both sides of the border and both political views. Conservatives don't want to support Mexicans on welfare in the USA. Liberals know that dignity ignites positive self-sustainability.

Since June 1996, we have been a religious order. Members have lived under a strict code of material self-sacrifice that includes a vow of poverty and a minimalist lifestyle. We live together and work full-time to serve local and regional needs of marginalized and/or disabled Spanish speaking individuals. We offer equine/water therapies, plus educational enhancements.






A Non-Sectarian
Group of Volunteers
Teaching English


Vow of service to the
Divine, to the Earth
and to Mankind
What is needed in Mexico?
Recycled books

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Dr. Jacqueline Zaleski Mackenzie (Website)


We welcome independent civic-minded people who have a serious interest in the Spanish speaking population and do not require personal accommodations equal to US hotels. The education of marginalized Mexicans is our focus. This is the real Mexico, not the ads you see on TV.


"If a child can't learn the way we teach,
maybe we should teach the way they learn

-- Ignacio Estrada


Directions to Tierra de Verano A. C.
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You may also send  donations to National bank of Arizona, Atten: Rebecca Myer, Branch Manager,  1101 South Naco Hwy,  Bisbee, AZ 85603  phone: 520-432-2221

USA corporate address: send any correspondence to Carol Garr, Registered Agent,2343 West Old Ajo Way, Tucson, Arizona 85746-9113 / at 520-883-4444

We work 1,157 miles SE of Tucson, AZ 

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